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United Airlines – Team Building!


Welcome to CityScape Adventures Scavenger Team Building Event for United Airlines.
Your group leader will provide directions on where to meet after the Scavenger Hunt.

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Share your Fun throughout your Scavenger Hunt with CLUSTER.
Step 1: Join the United Airlines Group HERE
Step 3: Share your picture, videos and thoughts with other particpants.

A few rules before you get started:

Your Clue Manager can not navigate away from the clue on their browser.
If they do they may need to re-enter all of the answers.
Your Team is ranked by accuracy then time. Make sure you check all answers for accuracy.
Stay with your teammates.
Use your feet or public transportation
Have Fun!

Tips for CityScapers:

Choose someone for each of the following team roles:
Clue manager: Someone to enter the answers on their phone
Photographer: Someone to take pictures and post to Cluster
Researcher: One or Two people to research answers on their phone browsers
Mapper: Someone to map out the best route on their phone map app

Your Scavenger Hunt will end at the Golden Gate Tap Room. Please return by 1:45pm


Leaderboard: United Airlines - SFO

maximum of 1500 points
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