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Welcome to CityScape Adventures Scavenger Event for the
United Airlines Denver!

You are about to embark on an Amazing Journey through Denver.  Make sure to read your clues carefully then complete the challenge revealed after you clue is completed.  Most of all enjoy and have fun exploring this great city!
Your Scavenger Hunt will begin and end ??????.

Make sure that you download and join the Cluster group so that you can chat and share pictures & videos during the Scavenger Hunt!
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A few rules before you get started:
Stay with your teammates.
Use your feet or public transportation
Have Fun!

Tips for CityScapers:
Do not navigate away from your Scavenger Hunt Browser Window.
If you do navigate away return to the start link and your answers will be saved.
Feel free to use another browser window or another app on your device.
Standard data rates apply
Use your google search skills to find answers
Use you Maps app to navigate your way.
- Divide into teams of 4-6 people
- Decide on team members roles
- The Clue Master will read the clues and enter the answers. Make sure to read very carefully.
- The Photographer will document and upload the adventure to Cluster
- The Navigator will use the Map App on your device to guide your team.
- Everyone else will use their brains and creativity to answer the challenges and have a great time!
Remember that Cities are Alive and things can change overnight.
If you see something has changed that prohibits you from answering the questions type in the word SKIP to move forward.

Once your group is ready to begin press the "Start Scavenger Hunt" button below.