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Scottsdale 04.25.15 Results

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Scottsdale 04.25.15 Results

Scottsdale Scavenger Hunt Race Series

 What a great day in Scottsdale.  The weather was amazing and the CityScapers were phenomenal.  Over 100 people set off on their Scavenger Hunt Race at High Noon to interact with this great city.  They solved challenges and clues, recruited random strangers and of course recovered with a cold one! Thanks to The Bottled Blonde for being a great partner!

Check out pics from today and upload your own fun pics below. 

Also, download your CityScaper Certificate to post on social media or print out for bragging rights at the office. 

Results will be posted as they are updated.

CityScaper Certificate
Brag about your day and Claim your CityScaper Certificate. You can download you certificate in a jpg file and post away on Social Media or print it out for the frig or office!


That's What She Said
Teachers on the run
Swipe right
Teachers on the run
Slow and ninja wins the race
60% of the time it works every time
Speedy detectives
Team owen
We thought they said rum
Vandalay industries
save her Life also
Turtel Squad
Sassy pants
vandelay industries
save her life too
Velké Pivo
Save her life
I Hate Running
The Cheticles
pink ladies of tukee
I Hate Running
Butt Toot
Midwest Divas
Dr pepper
buckeye rednecks
Almost There
Dangerous Divas

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