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Parker, CO

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Parker Scavenger Hunt - Parker, CO

Welcome to CityScape Adventures Scavenger CityHunt

 Welcome to Parker!
  Parker Colorado is an amazing city known for it's outdoor activities and tons of history! With it's wild west history and outdoor lifestyle, it is no question why so many people call it home.  During your Parker Scavenger Hunt you will be exploring many parts of the Old Town Parker area and learning some of the facets that make Parker so unique.  Sign up and enjoy!

So how does it work? First signup for the Parker Scavenger Hunt.  After purchasing you will have 30 days to complete your race.  When you are ready to race, meet your family and friends at the starting point, navigate your phone to the link provided via email and begin your CityHunt.  Your phone will guide you through a series of clues and challenges that allow you to experience Parker, CO.

Your Scavenger Hunt will be scored and ranked against every other team who has completed the CityHunt.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and begin your CityScape Adventures Parker Scavenger Hunt!



CityHunt Details

When: Any time! Any day!
 Douglas County Library, Parker, CO
End: Old Town Parker, CO
Distance: 1-2 miles
Time: 1.5-2.5 hours
Cost: SALE! $29.00(normally $49.00) for 1-6 CityScapers 

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