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St. Patty's day is almost here and Spring is right around the corner.  What a great time of year for all of our favorite CityScapers out there.  In this update we will announce newly added races and of course offer some FREE Races!

We are often asked, "What is a CityScape Race?" In reality it's a fairly difficult question to answer because every event is so different and customized for the city or group that is participating.  The best answer we believe is the a CityScape Scavenger Hunt Race is an Amazing way to Experience the fabric that makes your city unique in an Interactive, Innovative and Entertaining way.  How would you describe your CityScape Scavenger Hunt? Add a comment below and tell us what you think.

We are happy to announce two new events added to the CityScape Scavenger Hunt Race Series.  The first is a second event in Scottsdale on April 25, 2015.  We had so much fun last time in Scottsdale that we just had to come back for another race.  We will be based out of the Bottled Blonde again so come on out and enjoy a cold one after (or before) the race.

Denver are you ready for a second event this summer? In addition to the event on June 13, 2015 we have added a second event on August 28, 2015.  Sign up for one or both as they will be two totally different races.  We are working on setting up a "Flash Mob Scavenger Race" in Denver this summer so stay tuned for more information regarding an amazing evening event.

What is a Virtual Scavenger Hunt? Well if you can't make our CityScape Scavenger Hunt Race Series then it's the next best thing.  They are very similar except that the Virtual Scavenger Hunt can be completed at any time with your friends or family.  Just sign up and you will be provided a link good for thirty days.  When you are ready to start, just click on the link and go.  You will be guided around your city via your phone and solve clues by interacting with your city.  Pretty cool way to explore the city or make a party of it.  We currently offer Virtual Scavenger Hunts in Denver, Boulder and San Diego.  Scottsdale, Austin, Portland and many other will be rolled out this year. 

Happy St. Patty's Day! (FREE RACE OFFER)
Holidays are so much fun and St. Paddy's day tends to raise the bar.  I know here in Denver like many other cities this particular day gets a little crazy.  Make sure that if you and your are enjoying the green beer you have fun and most importantly be safe!

Want a FREE Team Entry into any upcoming CityScape Scavenger Hunt Race?
Take a test drive of how our Virtual Scavenger Hunts work.  Complete our CityScape St. Patty's Day Quiz on the right (or below on your mobile device).  At the end of the Quiz you will be provided a coupon code for a free team entry.  This code is limited so hurry and claim your prize right away. Don't worry if the FREE races are all taken you can Save 50% by using coupon code "SHAMROCK"

Happy Adventures,
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