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Portland Scavenger Hunt Race Series

 What a great day in Portland.  The weather was amazing and the CityScapers were phenomenal.  Over 100 people set off on their Scavenger Hunt Race at High Noon to interact with this great city.  They solved challenges and clues, recruited random strangers and of course recovered with a cold one! Thanks to On Deck Sports Bar, Animal Aid and Harmonix Entertainment for being a great partner!

Check out pics from today and upload your own fun pics below. 

Also, download your CityScaper Certificate to post on social media or print out for bragging rights at the office. 

Results will be posted as they are updated.


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1 Brighter than you
2 cougin it
3 Wattsupdoc
4 French curves
5 hit and run
6 Huntleys
7 Pics or it didn't happen
8 OneSpeedGo
9 The-no-it-alls
10 Beer me
11 Let's Roll
12 Bloodlines
13 Eastside girls
14 Rusty knees
15 Portland originals
16 Kinsmen
17 Pixie Stix
18 Mario and luigi
19 We seem nice
21 Z's Angels
22 G'Dellers
23 Go hawks
24 Little big mac
25 Dry Divers
26 MocEyes
27 Hodge Podge
28 Grusum2sum & Thensum
29 Dynamic Duo
30 White Veil Does