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Scavenger Hunt Party

 The best new party idea in town!!

Don't fall back on the been there, done that… try something exciting and new!!  
Here at CityScape Adventures we believe life is all about creating memories and making life YOUR PARTY!! 

Planning a birthday, family, office or any other type of party?

Why stick to the usual when you can make the city come alive!  Take your guests on an adventure in your city where they can create experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. The unique fabric of your city becomes your playground as you and your guests experience your personalized scavenger hunt. That's right this custom mobile device driven scavenger hunt will guide your guests through the city as they compete challenges and answer questions about you and the city.

The Scavanger Hunt is personalized with custom questions and pictures about the person or group the party is for. 

Scavenger Hunt Party Cities!

Denver - Downtown
Boulder - Pearl Street
San Diego - Gaslamp
San Francisco - Downtown
Portland - Downtown
Seattle - Downtown
Chicago - River North
Austin - Downtown/Capital
San Antonio - Riverwalk
Houston - Downtown
Phoenix - Downtown
Scottsdale - Oldtown
Tucson - University
Las Vegas - The Strip!
Any other city you want to play in?

Easy as 1,2,3!!
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Step 1: Choose your group size & purchase your Scavenger Hunt Party
Step 2: Choose your Scavenger Hunt Party City & Date
Step 3: Work with our Scavenger Hunt Producer to create your Hunt 


Bachelor/Bachlorette Parties
Family Reunions
Grad Parties
Office Parties
Girls Day/Night Out
Anything else you can think of...
Great for kids & adults alike!**

 Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
We create fun scavenger hunts in your city personalized with your information. We will showcase the best parts of the city and create fun with personalized trivia questions. Once created you will be provided with a link that our guests can use on their cells phone to guide them through the hunt.
When is the Scavenger Hunt Party?
That's the great part!! The Scavenger Hunt Party is any day or time you'd like!! Once your Scavenger Hunt is created you will provided a link a day before your party. That link will be available for 72 hours. No need to worry if you need to change the date. Just let us know.
How large can teams be?
Teams can really be any size you'd like however based on our experience teams with a size of 4-6 people will get the most out of the experience.
What's the Scavenger Hunt Like?
Picture your own version of the Amazing Race. You will be provided fun clues based on history, pop culture and local trivia that will guide your to specific parts of the city. Once you locate the area you will use information around you to solve a puzzle to unlock your next clue.
Where does the scavenger hunt start and finish?
This is the best part! You can choose any start/finish location you'd like. Maybe a yogurt/pizza shop for your child's birthday party or your favorite bar for you adult group. Check out the city list for general areas.
Can we take photos during the scavenger hunt?
Absolutely!! That makes it even more fun. We will provide an opportunity for your guests to upload their pictures at the end of the scavenger hunt to share. You can also purchase a fun video to share with your guests after the event.

Small Groups
2-15 People
up to 3 teams
Medium Groups
16-25 People
up to 6 teams
Large Groups
26-50 People
up to 12 teams
Custom Pricing
>50 People
Unlimited Teams

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