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Divya's San Diego Birthday Scavenger Hunt!


What to do when your big birthday has arrived and you want to create amazing memories with your friends and family???
A CityScape Adventures Scavenger Hunt Party!!
Divya and her friends took to the streets of San Diego solving clues and completing challenges in this personalized Scavenger Hunt Experience.  Enjoy the memories and video of your fun afternoon!

There are so many fun and unique places to explore in Gas Lamp San Diego!  What a great way to explore the city, create memories and have a great time!!

Check out their video of the event and sign up for you own Scavenger Hunt Party!

CityScape Adventures Scavenger Hunt Parties are a great way to create a fun and memorable experience for any group.  Check it out at www.CityScape-Adventures.com

Want your own Scavenger Hunt?