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CityScape Scavenger Fun Run
Animal Aid Fund Raising!
Portland, OR
August 15, 2015

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 Sign Up for the Portland CityScape Scavenger Race and support Animal Aid!

Join the CityScape Scavenger Race in Portland and help support Animal Aid!
That's right, by using coupon code "AnimalAid" when you register you will SAVE 50% on your registration plus $5 of each registration will go directly to Animal Aid.

Since its founding in 1969, Animal Aid has helped tens of thousands of companion animals through our rescue and adoption programs for homeless animals, financial and volunteer support of spay/neuter efforts, and by providing funds to guardians unable to pay for urgent veterinary care.
Check out other ways to support Animal Aid at their website:

 Getting out of the house is often precluded by inclement weather, car trouble, and the tender bond between man and household dust mite. The CityScape Scavenger Fun Run entangle race participants in a web of puzzles and challenges in a citywide race to the finish line. Participants compete in teams of up to SIX, using their wits, teamwork, and underground network of mutant-turtle spies to complete the tasks given at the start of the race. Participants must bring a selection of items, including a smart phone, pen or pencil, $10 each in singles for public transportation or emergency slushies, and comfortable shoes. The first team to successfully complete all tasks and vault the finish line will receive cash, prizes and assembly line of high-fives.

The CityScape Scavenger Run is a 5-10k fun run adventure where you plot out your course as you complete clues and challenges along the way.  Use your wits, mapping skills and life lines to choose the quickest route and have a blast along the way.

Check-in for the four-hour race begins at 11 a.m. The race begins at noon and commences come rain, shine, or meteor shower. CityScape Adventures welcomes teams of friends and family members, although each team must have at least one adult, and children under 12 are not allowed to compete.

We Love Groups!! If you have a group of 10 or more CLICK HERE for discount information.  Have a larger Group? Check out our customized Group and Corporate Events here.


Race Details

August 15, 2015
Check in begins at 11:00am
Race begins at High Noon

On Deck Sports Bar
910 Northwest 14th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209

Check in: 11:00am-11:55am
Race Start: High Noon
Finish Line Fun: 1:30pm - 3:30pm
Race cutoff: 4:00pm

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What is the CityScape Scavenger Hunt Race?
This of an Amazing Race style event meets your childhood Scavenger Hunt. You and your teammates will navigate and interact with your city while you complete CityScape Challenges that will test your wit, teamwork and creativity!

How many friends can I bring?
Team generally consist of 2-6 members. If you have more, let us know we can always accommodate.  Have a group? We do Group Events.  Check it out on our website for more information.

Do I need a Smart Phone?
Yes. We have worked hard to eliminate a paper based race and deliver your Scavenger Hunt Race entirely electronically. You will also use the resources on your phone such as web browser, maps and occasionally QR Code scanners.

What is a QR Code?
QR Codes are two dimensional codes that allow information to be delivered using a QR Code Reader/Scanner. Search your Mobile Device App Store for free QR Code Readers for your device. We do not always use QR Codes but best to be prepared.

What should I bring?
A smart phone, pen/pencil, approximately $10 (each) in singles, comfortable shoes and an expectation to have a really good time!

Are there Prizes?
Absolutely! Top teams win cash and other great prizes. We also have raffles and fun finish line challenges for additional prizes. Bring your adventurous spirit to win.

What about Costumes?
Absolutely Dress Up!!! Not only does having a great costume make it a fun day but every race will have prizes for the best dressed team!

Can we use bikes or roller blades?
Nope. All you can use is your feet or public transportation, which includes the city bus, light rail and/or trolley. No taxi, pedicabs or private modes of transportation of any type are allowed.

Can we use the Internet?
Absolutely! The winning team will be the one that leverages all of their resources the most efficiently. Smart Phones are very useful.

What if it rains?
Yes, we race rain or shine. We will only cancel the race if there are dangerous conditions for our participants.