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Welcome to CityScape Adventures!

CityScape Scavenger Run Series


A CityScaper is an adventure loving person looking for an adventure in their own backyard. If you are looking for something more than a 5k or an afternoon hike than this is the race for you. You and a partner will embark on a memorable journey that will test your strategy, wit and knowledge of the town that you call home. New to the area? Don't worry, you can also be successful with a strategic use of a lifeline or smart phone to help with some of the answers.

CityScape Adventures Urban Race Video

Looking to make a difference?

As a CityScaper, you will not only have a blast racing around your city, you will also make an impact. Every city we visit we partner with a local charity. This partnership helps bring awareness and support to many great organizations that make such a huge impact on all of our lives. If you have a charity that you are passionate about, let us know!!

What is a CityScape Scavenger Run?

Bottom line is that a CityScape Scavenger Run is an afternoon of adventure for all. If your a marathon runner or a couch potato this race is for you. This is because it is not about the speed or strength that you have but the wit and strategy that you use. You Scavenger Run will require you to solve various clues and challenges to lead your team around the city to the finish line.

You want to compete to win? The win can be yours if you have a great strategy to race to the finish. That's why we say...

"One Part Brawn, Two Parts Brain and a Whole Lotta FUN!!"

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us by completing the form on the contact tab above.

See you are the races!!

Check out the new CityScape Adventure Virtual Challenge!

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CityScape Adventures can customize an urban adventure race for a slew of different occasions:

Team Building

Product Launch


Family Reunion

Pre-Wedding Celebration


You name it, any reason you can come up with will be a good one. Regardless of who, what, when, where or why, we’ll custom build a race that suits your specific needs, ensures participant interaction and will help create some super fun memories.

Each race will be supported with a set of challenges (clues), CityScape Adventure souveniers and a heckuva good time. To find out how to get started, simply complete the form below and click send.

Let's Race!